My first blog post! This feels new. I love writing and have always been a writer, but writing a blog about food is something that’s definitely very new. I’ve always been interested in food and have been a keen devourer of various cuisines since I was born.

Born to Malaysian Chinese parents, I have lived in both Singapore and Bangkok. Living in South East Asia has allowed me all sorts of wonderful opportunities to sample and taste the best food, especially local delights. The type of food I like and eat often is representative of South East Asian culture. The rich, multi-cultural cuisine available in each of these South East Asian countries has instilled in me a great understanding of food and experience of various amazing cuisines – Thai being undoubtedly one of the world’s foremost.

Moving to London has its pros too: it has given me a wider perspective of food and opened my tastebuds up to a various cuisines – Mediterranean/Greek, Moroccan, Turkish, Spanish – to name a few. London is easily one of the top cities recognised for leading culinary innovations and is home to really great chefs.

Despite this luxury of sampling the best food Europe has to offer, I do really miss food from home because there is no restaurant in London which can suitably substitute my mother’s delicious dishes. Food – a hallmark of home – is always a warm memory of great sentimental value. Never have I valued what I was used to eating regularly until I moved overseas. And nothing reminds me more of home, or shows how much I am loved, when my mother cooks my favoruite dishes.

As a tribute to home, I now cook a variety of Singaporean, Thai and Malaysian food in London, espcially when the cravings come, which is very often. Although sourcing the fresh ingredients for these dishes can be tricky sometimes, one can easily find the sauces and spices needed to re-create South East Asian dishes. But alas, there is no substitute for fresh galangal or coconut, and you certainly cannot find certain types of fish and vegetables in London, but I make do and mend. That’s what living overseas is like. I will document these recipes and my attempts at sourcing produce for these healthy, ideal lunch recipes.

Another reason for starting this blog is that I am starting a food business (watch this space!) aimed at catering for the lunch crowd. I look forward to sharing my culinary experiences with everyone! 🙂

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